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Pet Friendly Travel + Fresh Healthy Takeout to Enjoy Along the Way! NY -> FL

Road trip! Do these two little words make you jump up and down with excitement and anticipation for the adventure, the sights, and the cuisines?! Maybe your reaction is instead to retreat into your creature comforts of home, wondering what new show you could stream/binge on Netflix while you raid your own fridge. We recently trekked down I-95 from New York to Palm Beach, Florida stopping in several carefully chosen cities along the way and have lived to tell the tale! We are extremely health conscious and, of course, travelled with our cherished dog, Boston Terrier, Hepburn. Here is our recommended road map to a successful, healthy, and spectacular journey. We visited pet friendly hotels and found the healthiest takeout options that we could take back to our hotel room to enjoy while Hepburn relaxed in comfort. We also include a few “cheat” options in case the mood to indulge strikes! We hope you can enjoy some tips from our experience and create your own memories from magical detours you might take along the way!

Starting point: Country House Bed & Breakfast

Healthy takeout options near Country House Bed & Breakfast:

Pet friendly accommodations: Country House Bed & Breakfast

Stop #1 - Princeton, New Jersey

Healthy takeout in Princeton:

Cheat: We cannot resist scrumptious ice cream! Halo Pub

Pet friendly accommodations: Nassau Inn

Stop #2 - Williamsburg, Virginia

Healthy takeout in Williamsburg:

Mellow Mushroom (Many restaurants were not open every day or did not offer takeout. We found Mellow Mushroom to have great hours, expansive menu, and the takeout option. Win, win, win!)

Pet friendly accommodations: Williamsburg Inn

Stop #3 - Charleston, South Carolina

Healthy takeout in Charleston:

Handy & Hot (Owned by celebrity chef, Vivian Howard)

Stop #4 - Savannah, Georgia

Healthy takeout in Savannah:

Starbucks (We didn’t venture too far. Starbucks is across the street from the hotel and opened early. We grabbed the Evolution Fresh Mighty Watermelon bottled juice, almond milk cappuccinos, and hit the road!)

Final Destination - Palm Beach, Florida

Healthy takeout in Palm Beach:

Cheat: Main Street by The Breakers for the best mini donuts and cappuccino!

Fun and unique: Hamptons Palm Beach for High Goal Gin and Champagne

Publix for anything fresh plus orange juice to go with that champagne you purchased at Hamptons!

Excited to try these dog friendly dining options:


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