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⛲ 7 Fun Facts About Saratoga Springs Mineral Springs! ⛲

⛲ Saratoga mineral springs fun fact # 1 of 7: Geology explains the mineral springs in Saratoga Springs! The Saratoga Fault is the main geologic fault running through the city and provided the break in the rock layers to allow the water trapped in them to rise to the surface as natural mineral springs!* ⛲

💦 Hathorn Spring One, located at the corner of Putnam St. and Spring St. across from the CongressPark Carousel 🎠 and near Ben & Jerry’s, spouts carbonated water with high mineral content! 💦

🚰 🌸 ✨🌳💧🍂

*Fun fact sourced from: Saratoga Today, 8/15/19, #History of Saratoga - #Geology of the #Mineral Springs, Charlie Kuenzel ✨

⛲ Saratoga mineral springs fun fact # 2 of 7: There are 21 mineral springs in Saratoga Springs.* Can you name and locate them all?

Pictured here: Charlie Spring 🚰 located near the Hall of Springs entrance to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. 🎻🎫

Springs found in 🌲 Spa State Park:

⛲ Charlie Spring

⛲ Hathorn Spring No. 3

⛲ Geyser Spring

⛲ Polaris Spring

⛲ Geyser Island Spouter

⛲ Coesa Spouter

⛲ State Seal Spring

⛲ Ferndell Spring

⛲ Karista Spring

⛲ Hayes Well Spring

⛲ Orenda Spring

Springs found in 🎠 Congress Park:

⛲ Deer Park Spring

⛲ Columbian Spring

⛲ Congress Spring

Spring on the corner of Putnam St. and Spring St.:

⛲ Hathorn Spring One