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Après Ski - A Guide to Winter Fun Near Country House Bed & Breakfast!

Après ski, definition: literally French for "after ski," and it's a general phrase to describe the social activities that take place after a day spent hitting the slopes. (1.)

Confession: I live in the Adirondacks and I don’t ski. I don’t snowboard, snowshoe, or go tubing. Rope tow? Oh, the horror! My ski story came to an abrupt halt as a child when the meaning of the ski term “snowplow” became me plowing into a group of students at the bottom of a practice hill when I couldn’t stop. My fears took hold of me and I did not attempt the sport again.

Now that that is out of the way, here is what I do love to do: shop, dine and enjoy a great cocktail!

I guess you could say, I wasn’t a natural skier, but was born a natural APRèS skier!

Whether you are an avid skier or a devoted après skier, like myself, let me offer 3 local mountains and 3 fun things to do after you’ve come down from them!

West Mountain and Outlet Shopping!

West Mountain is located in Queensbury and is the closest ski mountain to Country House Bed & Breakfast. At the bed and breakfast, you can see the lights of the mountain by night. I have grown up watching the snow make its locally infamous shapes on the trails from afar. It isn’t spring until all that snow is gone from West Mountain! If I did ski, I imagine I would be at West Mountain all winter with the many activities available to do there. There is day and night skiing and snowboarding, tubing, and fun events. After skiing at West Mountain, you can stay right at the mountain and enjoy the West Mountain Bar & Eatery or West Express Café! If you care to venture 10-15 minutes north, you will find an amazing shopping experience at the Factory Outlets at Lake George and French Mountain Commons. Some favorite stores there are Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, and so many more! The Log Jam Restaurant at the Lake George Outlets has that Adirondack vibe with delicious food and drink! There is a fantastic salad bar and the mud pie is to die for! Cheers to après ski at West Mountain and the Lake George Outlets!

Willard Mountain & Downtown Saratoga Springs!

Willard Mountain, in Greenwich, NY, is just 30 minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs. After skiing and tubing at Willard, head to Saratoga and choose from a myriad of restaurants and shops. Some notable venues in Saratoga Springs include, but are certainly not limited to:


Walt & Whitman Brewing


Hamlet & Ghost


Solevo Kitchen & Social

The Mouzon House

15 Church



Northshire Bookstore

Miss Scarlett