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Happy Meal

You are on a road trip. You stop at McDonald’s to refuel.

You have to work late. You drive through McDonald’s on the way home.

Your dog refuses his kibble. Two plain hamburgers and a cup of ice water, please.

You are the President of the United States. You eat at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is synonymous with America. It is a port in the storm, a familiar friend. What makes the golden arches radiate such a friendly glow and be a symbol as recognizable as the American flag? It never lets you down. No matter where you are or what situation you are in, a McDonald’s is never too far away. The food is consistently hot and made exactly the way it was made the last time you ate there. The team of McDonald’s employees, no matter what McDonald’s location you are in, diligently works on the assembly line in the exact same way to create the McDonald’s product you have come to rely upon and expect. The menu contains the most satisfying choices for its hungry clientele and it is served the same way every time. It is clean, consistent, and delicious. You feel like you have experienced some joy by participating in the McDonald’s phenomenon. It is addicting.

The McDonald’s story is fascinating. The Founder, a movie starring Michael Keaton as McDonald’s Corporation founder, Ray Kroc, shows how McDonald’s became such a force and why the fast food restaurant giant is such a welcome fixture on our American landscape. It tells the story of how McDonald’s grew from a restaurant privately owned by the McDonald brothers to the multibillion dollar corporation that exists today. Watch The Founder.

McDonald’s is an all-American brand that can be consistently enjoyed at an affordable price, is always there when you need it, and can be relied upon and trusted. It allows us "real folk" to live life and be a part of something greater. These are the qualities we look for in a friend, companion, and in a country…even the President of the United States. I’m lovin’ it.

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