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It is almost February. Green buds on the ends of the lilac branches await warmer weather, birds’ song is becoming more noticeable, and the sun’s set is becoming later. There are signs of spring amidst this long cold winter; signs of life after a season of dormancy and signs of hope after a long freeze. February also brings hopes of romance with Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle of the month. February has also been known to bring frigid temperatures and snowy days just when you thought the worst was over. Do not lose heart! Warmer weather will be here again! To make it through the 28 days of February, we are recommending 28 days of movies that will warm your soul and help you keep your hopes up until the official return of spring. Watching these films will make you feel like spring again, no matter what the groundhog does, or does not, see.

28 Days of Movies:

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