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Saratoga Bucket List

Saratoga Springs is bursting with incredible restaurants, shops, and activities, all offering unique products that, together, make up the ultimate Saratoga experience. Here is a list of what I consider the highlights of Saratoga Springs that I would recommend as a “bucket list” for all Saratoga visitors to try.



Must try:

Summer: chilled peach soup

Winter: fried green tomatoes

This restaurant is so fresh, healthy, and flavorful! It is my favorite.


Must try: Pommes Frites

Are these the best you have ever tasted?

Salt & Char

Must try: Marinated raspberries in Champagne dessert

The food here is amazing but, if nothing else, you must indulge in this decadent dessert!

Hamlet & Ghost

Must try: Ghost Burgers and a handcrafted cocktail

Such fun!

15 Church

Must try: Zeppoles (or “Zepps” for short) Cinnamon Dusted Ricotta Doughnuts, Vanilla Custard & Salted Caramel Sauce

You will thank me!

Ben & Jerry’s

An obvious one-must try: Ice Cream

It is summer in the Saratoga Ben & Jerry’s even in the winter!


Another obvious one-must try: Candy and fudge

What is not to like?

Wine Bar

Must try: Warm nut medley and a glass of wine on the outside patio on a summer evening watching the downtown bustle – a must do!

9 Maple

Must try: Summer cocktail special made with fresh local blueberries, and all that jazz!

This bartender has talent!

Putnam Market

Must try: Cake

I could find a reason to celebrate every day for a slice of Putnam cake!


Miss Scarlett

Barbie’s closet!

Schuyler Pond at Scallions

Whimsical home goods

You will want everything in this wonderland of a store!