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New York City Ballet at SPAC in Saratoga Springs Amazes

When a group of individuals who have mastered their craft come together to perform, it is truly a phenomenal spectacle. How fortunate we are to have such exceptional artistry so near; in Saratoga Springs, NY! The New York City Ballet just completed its final performance for the summer, yesterday at SPAC, and we were fortunate enough to experience it. We have always found ballet intriguing, but began attending the New York City Ballet performances at SPAC after discovering Sarah Jessica Parker's AOL Original online series, "city.ballet."

[Watch city.ballet. episodes here: ]

Each episode catalogues New York City Ballet dancers' journeys, chronicling real life on and off the stage. The series is mesmerizing, as it showcases the dancers' talent, professionalism, drive, vision, strengths, and weaknesses faced daily to accomplish seemingly insurmountable goals. Watching this series, our fascination for the ballet and the dancers themselves, grew. We are very lucky to have NYCB visit for the summer to share the fruits of their labor with the audiences of SPAC. The mastery is evident throughout the production. The costumes are impeccable, the choreography and the set are flawless, the orchestra is magical, and the dancers are stunning. Saratoga Springs is full of unique summer experiences, and the ballet is one of them. To Saratoga, SPAC, and the New York City Ballet: Bravo!

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