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What is beauty? Your children, a colorful sunset, the cover of a magazine? Beauty appears in countless ways in life. Beauty is often associated with youth, vitality, clarity, health and glow. When it comes to beauty, nature is our friend. Beautiful plant-based ingredients nourish your body to assist in keeping you healthy and beautiful. The Beauty cupcake, a maple sweetened vanilla cake topped with a chia berry compote and lemon-cashew crème, is packed with powerful plant-based ingredients to enhance your glow! Your natural beauty is about to be taken to the next level, so indulge!

Special Cakes | Plant Based Ingredients

Ingredient spotlight on:

Chia Seeds: Ch-ch-ch-chia! Yes, that's right...these are the type of seeds responsible for the infamous pottery that grows! These tiny miracle seeds also have incredible nutritional powers, beautifying and detoxifying your gorgeous body! Chia seeds nourish the skin, hair, and internal organs, creating a glow from within! They contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. They also support cognition, sustain and support energy, and help make you feel satisfied longer. Enjoy chia seeds and watch yourself transform into the beautiful vibrant being that you are!

Other amazing ingredients:

Organic Raspberries & Strawberries: These gorgeous ruby red berries are packed with anti-aging benefits. High in vitamin C and antioxidants, these sweet and juicy fruits reduce inflammation and guard against free radicals, keeping skin looking youthful and smooth.

Raw Cashews: Cashews promote vibrant hair and skin with selenium and antioxidants. They contain properties that help eliminate free radicals, are good for teeth and gums, improve vitality, and are good for the heart and eyes! Magnesium helps nerves and muscle tone. This is one powerful nut!

Maple Syrup: Hug a maple tree! Maple syrup is known as the "green" plant based sweetener, as no trees are harmed from extracting the sap. It also contains calcium, potassium, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and offers a low glycemic index.

Raw Organic Honey: Honey in its raw state (which is not heated to high temperatures or filtered) contains the most healing enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics. It is purifying, healing, and supports immunity.  

Raw Organic Coconut Oil: This healthy anti-inflammatory fat plumps the skin, enhances metabolism, helps brain power, minimizes stress, boosts immunity, detoxifies, and purifies.

Coconut Water: Extremely hydrating and bursting with electrolytes, coconut water lends itself to optimal health and well being.


Flaxseed Meal: Flaxseed meal contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, the "Glinda" of fats; the Good fats; having heart-healthy effects. Flaxseed meal also has antioxidants, is high in dietary fiber, and a natural cholesterol controller!

Organic Lemon Zest: That bright yellow lemon rind is high in vitamin C and fiber. It is also good for oral health and heart health, and contains several antioxidants to protect your immune system. Pucker up!

Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Sourced from the remote Himalayas, this pink salt is free of impurities and operates like an electrolyte, regulates pH, and contains detoxifying trace minerals.

Beauty cupcakes are 100% plant based, dairy free & gluten free.

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Thank you to the following Sources:

Eat Clean Play Dirty, Recipes for a Body and Life You Love by Danielle Duboise & Whitney Tingle, Founders of Sakara

The Moonjuice Cookbook, Cosmic Alchemy for a Thriving Body, Beauty, and Conciousness by Amanda Chantal Bacon

* The health cupcake flavor and Beauty cupcake flavor use organic raw honey, a product of busy bees. Only honey products harvested from companies using sustainable beekeping practices are used. Vegans may wish to let the bees be and skip this flavor.

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